Education Courses/Training

Driver Awareness Scheme Web & Classroom Courses
For some offences, drivers may be offered an alternative to prosecution, taking part in our Driver Awareness Scheme or the National Safe & Considerate Driving Course.
Child Car Seat Checks
It is important to check that you have the correct car seat for your child and it is fitted correctly. For more information on child seat check clinics and legislation.
Cycle Training
For information on Local Authority cycle training schemes for school children and also adults.
Schools & Colleges
Dorset Road Safe partners deliver a variety of training courses for school children and young adults from the age of 3 to 24 years old.
Learner & New Driver & Riders
Partners work together to educate learner and new drivers between the ages of 17-25 who are statistically at a much higher risk of crashing than other drivers.
Young Farmers
Dorset Police Staff attend young farmer meetings to educate them on the dangers of farm equipment and also driving on the road after using farm equipment.
Motor Cycle Training
If you haven't ridden for a while and need a refresher or want to sharpen your skills find information about the Bikesafe motorcycle course.
Military Presentations
Dorset Police and Dorset & Wilts Fire and Rescue Services provide road safety education to Military establishments.
Driving for work
Dorset Police provides help and advice with driving for work policies and can also provide in car assessments for staff who have a high rate of incidents.
Older Drivers Forum
Dorset Police is part of the Older Drivers Forum promoting help and advice for the Older Driver.
Close Pass - Cycle Safe
Dorset Police has adopted Operation Close Pass as a tool for educating drivers on how to behave on the road.
Close Pass - Horse Safe
Operation Close Pass - Horse Safe is a Dorset Police road safety initiative for rural communities, keeping vulnerable road users such as horse riders, pedestrians & motorcyclists safe on Dorset roads.
Driving without Insurance Operation Tutelage
Operation Tutelage is a national policing initiative working to reduce the levels of uninsured driving on our roads. Below are just some of the frequently asked questions about the operation.
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