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Fixed Camera Sites


Dorset Road Safe operates fixed camera enforcement throughout the County. Fixed cameras are used to prevent speeding at specific locations where there is a history of injury collisions or where the risk of collisions is high.

Each year, every site is reviewed and the partnership decides which sites will receive enforcement based on the number of collisions at each location or the need for continued speed enforcement.

As part of the Publication Scheme we publicise the site statistics for the agreed casualty reduction regular enforcement sites for information purposes.

The number of collisions or any associated camera warning signage at each camera site has no effect on any speed offence committed at the camera site. So it doesn't matter if camera warning signing was present or not at the site, any speeding offence still stands.

It is the driver of the vehicles' responsibility to know the speed limits set for the road and also the speed limits for the type of vehicle being driven. You are breaking the law if you exceed the set speed limits.  


 Camera Icon       Click HERE to see how the fixed cameras work

Below you will find the fixed camera sites Dorset Road Safe enforce on a regular basis. For individual site information, click on the 'view data' links;


View Data   A348 Ringwood Road West Howe Bournemouth Towards Bearcross -  NE bound 

View Data   A347 Talbot Avenue Bournemouth - SE bound 

View Data   B3068 Ringwood Road Alderney Poole - NE bound

View Data   A341 Wimborne Road Kinson Bournemouth - E bound

View Data   A3060 Castle Lane East Bournemouth towards Iford - SE bound

View Data   A35 Castle Hill Parkstone Poole - W bound

View Data   A351 Sandford Road Sandford - NE bound

View Data   A347 New Road Ensbury Bournemouth towards Northbourne - SE bound

View Data   Herbert Avenue Poole - W bound

View Data   Adastral Road Canford Heath Poole - S bound

View Data   B3073 Hurn Road Christchurch - NW bound

View Data   A348 Ringwood Road Ferndown - NE bound

View Data   A35 Winborne Road Poole (near Stanley Green) - NW bound

View Data   A337 Lymmington Road Highcliff - E bound

View Data   A350 Spetisbury - N Bound

View Data   A35 Chideock - W bound

View Data   A35 Chideock - E bound


The Partnership reserves the right to operate at any site within the County at any time on an occasional basis, in reaction to speed complaints, partnership or community concern. In these cases, Dorset Road Safe has no requirement to publish site statistics on our website as the sites are only enforced occasionally.




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