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Enforcement In Dorset


Throughout Dorset enforcement is carried out on a daily basis covering not only drivers exceeding the speed limit, but many other driving offences too. We use a multi agency approach to tackle all aspects of bad driving, with the aim to reduce road traffic casualties throughout the county. Enforcement on the roads can be carried out by Dorset Road Safe Enforcement Team, the  'no excuse' Team, Dorset Police Officers and Safer Neighbourhood Teams.


Dorset Road Safe Speed Enforcement                                                                                           

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Dorset Road Safe enforces the speed limit and red light violations on behalf of the Chief Constable of Dorset Police. We operate fixed, mobile and red light cameras throughout Dorset at locations where; there is a history of injury collisions, where there is a known speeding issue, where there is known non compliance of red traffic signals, or where we have received speed complaints from members of the public (any speed complaint sites are not included in the links below).




Speed limits are set by the Local Council for a reason and they are the law. It is Police responsibility to enforce the speed limits and by exceeding these limits you are breaking the law. Quite simply, each driver has the choice to stay within the speed limit or not, so if you receive a speeding ticket, only the driver is to blame. 

In addition to enforcing the law, safety cameras are used to reduce road traffic casualties. It is important to emphasise that we recognise that speed is not the only contributory factor of collisions and safety cameras are just one of the many tools we use. Through a combination of education, enforcement and engineering we aim to reduce the number of road traffic casualties in Dorset.

Click HERE to see how the different types of cameras work.



 What is the speed limit on the road if this sign is displayed? This sign means the National Speed Limit applies. But the maximum speed limit of the road depends on what type of road you are driving on and what type of vehicle you are driving. Know Your Speed Limits shows the speed limits for different types of vehicles. Further useful information about road types and the National Speed Limit can be found by visiting



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Speed enforcement and the detection of other driving offences is carried out by the 'no excuse' team throughout Dorset. The 'no excuse' enforcement team consists of Police Officers and Dorset Road Safe Police staff and the campaign is run by the Dorset Road Safe partners. It targets the main contributory factors of road traffic collisions and the resulting casualties, these are known as the FATAL FOUR;

  • Excess and inappropriate speed
  • Distraction - including using a mobile phone whilst driving
  • Drivers or passengers failing to wear seatbelts
  • Drink / drug driving

For more information about the 'no excuse' operations click HERE



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Dorset Police Officers and Safer Neighbourhood Teams  (SNT) carry out enforcement throughout Dorset detecting all aspects of bad driving. This includes the use of mobile phones or hand held devices whilst driving, excess speed, failing to wear a seatbelt , drink / drug driving, unroadworthy condition of vehicles, no licence/insurance, vehicles used in manner causing alarm, distress or annoyance and any other traffic Law.



 By working together we aim to reduce the risk of injury collisions and make the roads safer for all road users.



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