Camera Site Statistics

Camera Site Data

Where resources allow, we will publish publish the local authority top sites for fixed, mobile and red light enforcement. These details are:

Type Approval

Devices used for Speed enforcement is the subject to Home Office Type Approval Procedures. Type Approval is a testing and certification process carried out by the Home Office that safety cameras must pass before evidence from them can be admissible in UK courts.

Once each device has satisfied the Home Office Type Approval testing process, a Type Approval Certificate is issued. The device can then be used for speed enforcement.

All of the equipment used by Dorset Road Safe is Type Approved, in addition to this each device is tested and calibrated every year by the manufacturer and issued with a calibration certificate. Each time we use the equipment, the device is checked before and after enforcement. The equipment is checked and tested by our trained operators who are trained and certified by the device manufacturer.

Each device Type Approval can be seen by clicking the links below;

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