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Lock-down support

During these difficult times we have created four safety bulletins providing advice for older drivers during the lock-down period. They are in easy to read, print or download PDF’s.

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Older Drivers' Forum

Dorset Police is launching the ‘Older Drivers Forum’ which is designed to help keep older drivers on the road safely, for longer.

The forum has received public backing by Lord Julian Fellowes and is made up of experts in road safety from across Dorset, with representatives from emergency services, charities, local authorities and other specialists.

We will be offering training, advice and guidance for those motorists who are keen to continue driving safely and resources for those who feel that the time is right for them to ‘retire’ from getting behind the wheel.

The scheme aims to inform older drivers about the risks they face and ways to reduce them, help to identify when the time has come to retire from driving and offer relevant advice, give advice to family and friends and those within the medical profession.

Lord Julian Fellowes, who is backing the scheme said: “The Older Drivers’ Forum is about keeping people behind the wheel for as long as they can reasonably and safely be there. The moment we should consider retiring from driving comes to all of us and it must be reassuring to learn that there are now so many alternative methods of transport available, so many more choices in how we can get around than there used to be, and we can help with these.

I think it’s hard for children, but there does come a time when it is actually loving to persuade your parent that their driving career should be drawing to a close. They have to have the strength and the love to take that through.”

Police Constable Heidi Moxam, road casualty reduction officer for Dorset Police said: “In 2016, we had 125 collisions on Dorset roads where the driver was 70 years old or over, resulting in 217 casualties, including three who sadly lost their life.

“It is vital we invest resources in helping older drivers to be safe on the road and provide guidance and support to those who need to consider alternative methods of transport.

“An alternative to prosecution will also be available for low level offences where a bespoke set of circumstances suggest the driver needs further motoring and health assessments.”

Wessex DriveAbility

Wessex DriveAbility, is working with Dorset Police to provide comprehensive driving assessment services, including an alternative for drivers facing prosecution or fine following a road traffic accident or incident. Based in Southampton with further satellite locations, Wessex DriveAbility is one of 20 national Driving Mobility centres which focus on providing safe driving independence for people of all ages and abilities. Its team of approved driving instructors and occupational therapists provide assessments for individuals who refer themselves or are put forward by the DVLA or Motability. Wessex has managed referrals from Hampshire Constabulary since 2013 and is now working with Dorset Police to deliver a better approach to driving and awareness of personal capabilities.

Dorset Driver Gold - IAM

Dorset Driver Gold is aimed at mature drivers who have an interest in updating their skills and knowledge, want help in familiarising themselves with a new vehicle or simply want to gain confidence.

Our aim is to promote safer driving on our roads through IAM RoadSmart with their mature driver review a perfect way to gain reassurance that even though you may be a senior road user.

Driving is potentially the most dangerous activity that most people take part in. A slight increase in awareness or improvement in skills is all it takes to make you safer.  As people grow older gradual changes take place which mean their ability to deal safely with some situations diminishes.

One of our qualified experts will go out with you, in your own car on familiar roads that are local to you, to assess your driving style and to watch out for any areas where your skills could do with some sharpening. It might be that you are aware that your driving is not what it used to be, that you have worries about particular situations you have encountered in the cut-and-thrust of today’s traffic, or simply that you – or your family – would benefit from the reassurance of knowing that you’re still OK to be behind the wheel of a car. The review is informal – you can even bring a friend to ride along if you like – and is aimed purely and simply at helping you to be a better driver. Ninety per cent of older drivers reviewed by IAM RoadSmart need only some minor guidance to set them back on the right road. After the review, drivers not only get a verbal report on their skills but also a written account of the session, which includes pointers to improvement. It’s a completely personal report, shared with no one else. Those who have completed one of our Mature Driver Reviews tell us that having an expert to judge their driving skills gives them renewed confidence at the wheel and a real sense of achievement.

How to book: 

Mature Driver Review - £49 |  BOOK NOW

Undecided whether it’s still safe to drive? Get an impartial opinion and reassurance behind the wheel.

  • Renew your confidence
  • Get a trusted second opinion
  • Sharpen your skills
  • Reassure your family
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