Dorset Road Safe contact details

If you would like to contact Dorset Road Safe and your concern falls into one of the categories below, please email otherwise please check the full table below with where to direct your email.

Your report will be reviewed and placed on a rota for investigation/deployment dependent on the nature of the report and resource available.

• Speeding Complaint
• Careless or Inconsiderate Driving
• Driving Through Red Lights
• Driving Through One Way System or other Signage
• Violation (No Right turn etc)
• Use of Mobile Phone or other item causing Distracted/Not in Proper Control Driving
• Not Wearing a Seatbelt


Area of Concern

Contact Details

  •  Dangerous Driving
  •  Drink Driving
  •  Drug Driving
  •  Disqualified Driving (or dial 101) for attention of Operation Dragoon

  • Road Rage
  • Damage to vehicle (Fail to Stop Collisions)
  • Theft from parked vehicle
  • A parked vehicle is causing obstruction issues to the flow of moving traffic or pedestrians, on the road, or on the pavement (or dial 101) for attention of Response Officers

If you wish to submit video and photographic evidence in relation to witnessed driving offences please go to: 

  • A parked vehicle is causing obstruction issues to your property (for example, if a vehicle is parked directly across a dropped-kerb leading to your private driveway) or causing an obstruction of dropped kerbs at crossing points in the street 
  • Vehicles are parked illegally in an area of restricted parking

  •  All Other Parking issues
  •  Abandoned Vehicles

Poole Borough Council



  • Vehicle you suspect has no Road Tax

  • No Insurance
  • No MOT

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