Dorset Road Safe Strategy

Dorset Road Safe Strategic Approach

On average 192 people are recorded as being injured on the roads of Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole every month. That’s over 44 people injured each and every week, year in year out. In terms of the severity of these 192 injuries, 163 are slight, 27 serious and 2 fatal.

The cost to the local economy is over £13 million pounds each month – half a million pounds of which is a direct burden on the health services alone. In addition to the financial costs, the human costs and impact on those involved, their friends, colleagues and families can be enormous.

Most of these injuries are largely preventable if we all work together to tackle the problem.  Dorset Road Safe partners have signed up to a strategy by which we can address the main accident causations.  This common strategy, our key themes and casualty reduction targets are set out in the attached document.

The chair of the Dorset Road Safe Strategic Partnership is Assistant Chief Constable, Sam De Reya.

Dorset Road Safe Strategic Group



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